Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! We pray this Easter Season finds you all happy and well. Just wanted to post a few pictures and update you on how our year has gone so far.
We finally went to get our family photos done (no small feat for our busy family!), and found out why we only do this every other year or so. The kids did great and despite the fact that I (Rob) need to loose some serious weight (love the double chin) they turned out pretty good. Here they are for you all to enjoy:
Da Kongaika Ohana (Abi looks like one of the kids in this one, love Esa's and Isi's funny faces too:)
Here's a better picture of everyone smiling (notice Robbie still holding his toy:)
Isiboy (looking line a grown up already!)

Esa (Pretty in Pink)

Alii (What a natural poser this guy is)

Robbie (showing his Palangi side:)

Well, good this that is over. Another couple years before we do that again for sure! Hope you like them.

We were also blessed to have Papa Amistad visit with us on his way to attend the conference. Here are a couple pictures of his visit:

Capturing the moments with Robbie

Showing Robbie how to fly a kite....pinoy style!

At Rob's Major Select Party

Enjoying the Luau at PCC (Alii doing the Moko for ya:)

We are grateful for Papa's visit and all the help he gave us doing spring cleaning and helping Rob with some big yard projects (put landscaping rocks all along the side of the road to keep the weeds from growing). We look forward to Mama coming to visit us soon too!

Well, we had our Easter Dinner a little early due to Rob's business trip and enjoyed a traditional Ham dinner Easter Eve. We were blessed to have Mom and Dad over for dinner and in addition to enjoying the meal and great conversation, we introduced Mom to Wii Fit:). She liked it so much she will probably go buy one now. Now we can all get fit while having fun:)!

This season we are reminded of the wonderful blessing of Jesus Christ and the at toning sacrifice he gave on our behalf. We will ever be grateful for our older brother who gave his all for us. We pray we can always remember his sacrifice and do all we can to be found worthy of his grace. May you all have a wonderful Easter season and the Lord's choicest blessings be on you and your loved ones. Sending all our love.....

The Kongaika Ohana

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marialo5 said...

Hey Rob, Abby, & kiddies!!
Loved the site!! Really enjoyed all the pictures and comments. So nice to see how ya'll are doing. Wish you we're all coming to the family reunion this yr. Understand if not. Anyhow, we are all doing great here on the main land. California ..... ah? Well you know crazy as every. But as for the family. Yeah, we're all still alive and kickin. Alo and I are on our #6th kid. The score is now 3boys & 3girls. Tie! :) That's it! I'm in school and trying to finish. Anyhow, love you and miss you all tons. Keep in touch and God bless you always!!!
ofa atu,
mari, alo, and kids