Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Evening....

After our two-hour, weekly conversation....(used to be daily before Abi went back to work) with Family in the Philippines, we are just chill'n on a Sunday evening thinking about the upcoming weeks activities.

Well, I have a great experience on the power of prayer to share with you. We are in the middle of a home improvement (Abi's Mother's Day/Birthday/ name it;)) project and when we came to the plumbing portion of installing bathroom water lines, even the plumber was wondering how he could make it work without damaging some of the main water lines. I remembered Grandpa Villi telling us about when he ran into problems like this he just got on his knees and prayed. Well, that's exactly what Dad did. After attending the temple Saturday morning the answer came to him and we were able to install the lines without even having to remove any of the old lines. Pretty cool huh? Well it doesn't end there, I also misplaced a tool that I was using to install the Sheetrock (small apex) and I looked for it for over 3 hours. I was getting no where so I did what I should have done before and got on my knees and prayed that the Lord would show me where it was. As soon as I was done praying, I got up and was prompted to look in our clothes hamper where the apex had fallen in and was covered by a few layers of clothes. Just goes to show that even after all you can do, you can always use a little Divine help!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Starting Point

Well, it all started when I finally noticed the blog website attached on my brother's and sister's google talk profiles. I went to their sites and thought what a cool way to keep everyone informed about my family and I, so here goes....
I'll primarily use this blog to give you updates on our family and upload pictures so you can all enjoy. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail and let us know if you have a blog site too.
Mahalo, Malo, and Salamat!!!