Friday, January 9, 2009


Hauole Makahiki Hou!!!

We bid farewell to 2008 and welcomed in the New Year in style with around....oh 50 of our freinds. There is an old filipino saying that the more people you have over at your home on the new year, the more blessings you will receive in the new we are expecting lots of blessings:).
Here are a few pictures of our fun night/morning:

Good food, good company, good fun!!

Fireworks....don't get burned!

Some Wii boxing.....go Dad!

BYUH Pinoy Club

Ali'i and Esa after all the fireworks were done

Ali'i.....trying to smile while trying not to get burned:)

Robbie....this is how to do it Ali'i

So if the all-nighter New Year's party wasn't enough, we decided to invite some more of our Ward freinds over for another party the first Saturday of new year. Here are some pictures of that event:

Karaoke Queens!:)

More food!!!

Two sweet couples dancing to the Karaoke music

Getting down singing Karaoke!

Well, we are all partied out! We were thankful to have so many friends and family to celebrate with and look forward to the opportunities this New Year brings. May your day's be filled with love and laughter, and we hope to run into you again sometime this year.


Steph said...

oh i miss hawaii. looks like you guys had sooooo muuuccchhhhh fun! i love it. i am envious now. nothing beats a hawaiian/pinoy party.


Steph said...

oh i miss hawaii. you guys look like u had soooooo mmuuuucccchhhhh fun. i love it. i envy you now. love it. nothing beats a hawaiian/pinoy party. luv u all. bnong

ellie said...

Hey Abi, it's Manang El (Glhoveen's older sister, ya know:). Got to talk to Binong and he gave me their blog add and I got so excited when I saw yours on their bloglist. Awesome pics tita. I now live here in Oregon. Married to a Hamblin and have three kids.(Fugaram mu!) If you want you can visit our blog. It's

trublubyu said...

i am so excited to have stumbled across your blog. (this is stephanie walker from your old cold water ward)

chris and i were just talking about you guys the other day.

it looks like you are all well and happy. your kids are growing too fast. i didn't think it had been long enough since you moved for your kids to be that big. sheesh. time flies.

take care! i hope you don't mind if i stop by again sometime.

lael gaviola-rogers said...

kakainggit naman yan te Abs!! dyan pala sa inyo ang may happening pag New Year eh, maybe thats when Rocky and I should plan our trip. Hahaha. Sana nga!!! Pero kaso malamig ang dagat, api ang beauty ng mga kids. Sa summer na lang talaga!

Jake said...

man that party looked like loads of fun. I miss you guys.

Liana said...

Hey Rob and Abi....when you guys coming to visit? Love you and miss you.