Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whats new with us.....

Aloha!!! Well, September sure did shoot by so fast and it's almost October already. So here's what we have all been up to lately:

Rob is back to work full force and already getting to utilize all the knowledge gained at AMMOS to good use....let's just hope it also helps get him that Major Promotion too....he is up for the promotion board this December.

Abi is enjoying her long therapeutic drives to and from work on the east side of the island and still manages to get the kids ready and to all their activities on most days while Rob is busy with work....what a supermom!!!

Isiboy is loving his new school and having fun hanging out with his friends. He did really well in a recent statewide evaluation and ranked at the top of his year group.

Esa is bubbly as ever and sharing the Aloha with her new classmates and teachers. She was recently inducted as a Girl Scout and is loving every minute of it....I can't wait for the cookie sell:)!

Ali'i is enjoying his Kindergarten class and loves doing his homework and bringing new books home from the Library for him and Dad to read.

Robbie is doing awesome at Daycare (pottie-trained and all!) and still has a difficult time when Mom and Dad drop him off in the morning but loves playing with all his new friends. He is talking a whole lot more and starting to get over his shyness.

That's all for now....we'll post more pictures and news later. Love you all!!!



Amistad Family said...

Thanks for the update, next time we want more pictures of the kids! Ha ha, miss you guys, glad we could see you in LV!

Liana said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you guys are doing terrific!!!! Love you and give hugs and kisses to all the kiddos!