Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to School!!! Yipee!!!


Liana said...

Too cute!!!! Thanks for posting the pictures! Give all the kiddos a huge hug from me!!!

Love you guys.


Shaka Paintball said...

looks like the kids are all set for school. they are so big already. miss them so much.


The Truckin' Tobler's said...

I'm jealous! My kids still have about 2 weeks before it starts and they are driving me nuts with the "I'm bored" nonsense. The kids are growing fast and are cuties too! Love you guys!

p.s. any tips for when Sam deploys next summer??

Rob said...

Believe me, Abi was pretty happy to have them start as well. Kind of hard being a single Mom and all:). It's great being back home though and being able to help out. Just hope I don't get any deployment orders any time soon.

As far as advice for deploying....I can't say that it ever get's easier, but it seemed to go by faster the busier I kept myself....I basically lived at work or at the base chapel and volunteered for everything I could. It's also important to keep up daily contact with home, either through letters, or the internet. I got on the webcam and talked to Abi and the kids almost daily. I got to say prayers, teach FHE lessons,and just watched the kids grow. It was a lifesaver. Good thing is the Air Force is pretty good about hooking up internet for those deployed so if Sam takes a labtop, he should be good to go. Keeping a journal or a blog about what is going on is also a great idea. Helps keep everyone posted and is a good record of the deployment. I am definately going to do that next time I deploy.
Well, hope that helped a little. Hollar if you have more questions.